Jeevan Uthaman is an entrepreneur and coach in the field of Organization Development, Life Skill Coaching, and Learning and Development. He is accredited by the KASE, a government agency in Kerala, and is the Co-Founder and Chief Training and Research Head at BRANDisam. He spent nine years as a Master Trainer and Skill Development Executive for the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) in Kerala. Currently, Jeevan is a Consultant Developer at Flatirons Geomagnetic Services LLC in Colorado, USA.

Jeevan holds a postgraduate degree from Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT) and also served as a Research Assistant at CUSAT for two years. He was recognized as one of the top ten entries in the “Be Skilled Be Relevant” National Level contest conducted by National Skill Networks. In addition, he has received certification from Google in Digital Marketing. He is renowned for incorporating cutting-edge technology, such as Virtual Reality, into training and education. So far, Jeevan has trained thousands of individuals in a variety of fields, including life skills and entrepreneurship development.